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2017 WBTF International Cup - Manitoba's Results

Porec, Croatia

Yonatan Orlov - GOLD MEDALIST in Men's Sr A Solo, 2 Baton, 3 Baton, and Artistic Twirl


Yonatan Orlov and Laura Tymchyshyn 4th in Sr A Pairs 

Jessica Pososki - SILVER MEDALIST in Adult B Solo and 3 Baton, and 4th in Artistic Twirl


Jessica Pososki and Rhaychelle Tan GOLD MEDAL in Adult B Pairs 

Meghan Stanger - 5th in Sr B 2 Baton and 7th in Sr B 3 Baton

Rhaychelle Tan- 9th in Sr B 3 Baton


Sarah Cimino and Madison Reynolds - 10th in Jr B Pairs

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