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Saturday Night Inspiration Series by Manitoba Baton

MBTSA Saturday Night Inspirational Serie
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Manitoba Baton has created a Saturday Night Inspiration Series on Zoom. It's Free!

What is the Saturday Night Inspiration Series? It is a casual and fun Q & A where we are featuring guests who inspire us.

The lineup is, out of this world, incredible!

Register by here

April 10 - Melanie Talastas-Soriano - Athletic Therapist and Owner of Insahyu Athletic Therapy Clinic in Winnipeg, CIS University of Wesman silver and bronze medalist in Basketball, mom of 3, Filipino woman and entrepreneur. She will discuss about how to move forward and stay in the right frame of mind and body after an injury. She will also talk about inclusivity and diversity in sport.

April 17 - Lucinda McMaster - The first Canadian (from Manitoba) who won a gold medal in the Senior division at the 1989 World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland. She will speak about the athlete/coach/parent triangle.


April 24 - Andrea Shore - Andrea is part of the Winnipeg Tempo Twirlers team who won the first medal for Canada (bronze) at the World Championships in 1983, Milano, Italy. She will talk about the journey from recreational to elite/professional athlete. Her son Devin, plays for the Edmonton Oilers (and may join us too.)

May 1 - Mandy Yip - World Team athlete from the SOBG trans-Canada team in 1995 (silver) and 1996 (bronze). Owner and creator of the world renown Acrobatic Arts company. Mandy will talk about how to start a club and how to create some awesome programming.

May 8 - Jenna Jemieff - Former World athlete, studio owner, board member, CBTF judge and coach. She will speak about how she wears many hats and how she maintains work/life balance.

May 15 - Michelle C Smith - World Pairs Champion, now professional stunt woman, martial artist and educator. She will talk about how she has made twirling basically anything (a staff, a light sabre, a broomstick) super cool and all-encompassing for people of all ages, levels from all around the world.


May 29 – Aman Hussain, Ph.D. - Sports Psychologist who works with the RWB as a Performance Enhancement Consultant. He will be speaking about the psychology of athleticism and artistry.


Virtual Canadians Competition

July 2-5th, 2021 

East Elmwood Community Centre

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